Saturday, March 31, 2007

It was a very birdless winter for me, and no time to lament the lack of birds. Now it is springtime and birds are returning to my area. I was in Montclair New jersey yesterday and saw a blackcapped chickadee in my aunt's yard, a red bellied woodpecker near the Upper Montclair train station as well as a red tailed hawk and what I eblieve was a broad shouldered hawk. I had a possible sighting of a peregrine falcon, but am not sure of that one. It was by the side of the road in cedar grove and we drove by fast enough to make it impossible to tell. Great day. Then i camehome to Murray Hill and song sparrows were in the area behind the building. I saw two, there may have been more. In addition, the fire escape that was the site of a mourning dove nest last summer is a highly desirable property this year. A pair of pigeons nested briefly. I later spotted their egg on the fire escape below and they were soon gone. Mourning doves and pigeon then took turns inspecting, beginning nests and leaving again. A pigeon appears to be nesting their now. Not exciting, but in Manhattan you take what you can get.