Sunday, January 27, 2008

Scott's Oriole at Union Square

Rather jolly. Saturday morning I asked for a special bird this weekend (Whom did I ask? The creator of all birds and people and everything else.) Within minutes I read on a bird mailing list about a Scott's Oriole at Union Square. This bird is usually confined to the American Southwest, Mexico and parts south, not Manhattan, so this was a rare sighting indeed. I hightailed it down there, and didn't see the Oriole, but did see a nice red-tail, very close up. I tried again for the Oriole after mass this AM and sure enough, I got one for my life list. Feisty little guy, unfazed by all the attention. There was also a yellow-bellied sapsucker, which I didn't see, and a kestrel, or so I'm told.
A nice bird weekend. Just what I asked for. God is good.

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