Saturday, April 12, 2008

I went to Central Park today, and did not see the vesper sparrow, the spotted sandpipers, or the ring-necked duck,
but did see a lot of the usual suspects, starlings, robins, house sparrows, more Yellow Bellied Sapsuckers, a Northern Flicker (yellow shafted), titmice, white breasted nuthatch, northern juncos, ruby crowned kinglets, a coot in the reservoir, a night crowned black heron and great blue heron, a cormorant, white throated sparrows, cardinals
and three additions to the life list: a palm warbler, a northern shoveler and a bufflehead which I managed to snap and are pictured here in that order, top to bottom. Still enjoying my camera, but am having a wee issue with the fact that when the long lens is used, the rangefinder is obscured. Not great for trying to capture a small object like a bird in sharp focus, but I'l figure it out.

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