Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another quiet day in CP. The trees at the South Gate of the reservoir were jumping with warblers: Magnolia, yellow-rump, bay breasted and my first Chestnut sided warbler. On to the Ramble where I ticked off the usual suspects magnolia, yellow-rump, black and white warbler, lots of redstarts, American Robins, starlings, grackles, mallards, cardinals, blue jays, oven bird, veery, house wren, northern water thrush, Northern Flicker, red-bellied woodpecker, double-crested cormorant, swallows over the lake, I didn't take a good enough look to ID them. Gray catbirds, tufted titmouse (with such a prominent black forehead I thought I had a black crested titmouse). Red winged blackbirds in abundance. I saw a little olive bird which might be a vireo, and another yellowish bird which I can't guess at because I was distracted by the telephone. Not a bad day, but as migration season moves along one wants it all. Now.
The little guy above is a mystery, but is likely a common yellow throat, though in my previous, limited experience, they are not on the ground as much as this one.

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