Sunday, May 25, 2008

Garrison, just up the Hudson was a birding disappointment, I thought, until late afternoon, when the sun finally put in an appearance. Then, in short order, I saw a tree sparrow, a group of Cedar Waxwings a magnificent Eastern Bluebird (I'm sure he knows he's magnificient) and a couple of goldfinches, one pictured above. I also spied a hawk I couldn't ID, a crow and some turkey vultures. I caught a flash of black and orange out of the corner of my eye, but too quick to focus on.
Funny thing about the Cedar Waxwings, on Friday I came across and posted a photo of a Waxwing that I'd taken years ago. I have seen few Waxwings in recent years, but immediately after posting one, I came across the others. Or they came across me.

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